You Really Need to Garden

I felt a call of action today to garden. Because there may come a time soon when we are not just gardening for fun but for our food.

The wake up call came in the form of my mom coming home from Wal-Mart. She mentioned that there are a lot of items missing on the shelves and not restocked in a timely manner, just empty spaces that used to hold conveniences we use every day. The word that came to mind was shortages. Who thought we’d hear that word in America?! It’s just a whisper now but the warning may grow louder.

All these thoughts made me think of gardening. Because where do we get most of our food? The local grocery store. Not to discredit them, they do a good and useful job. But most grocery stores don’t have a lot of back stock especially of fruits and vegetables. Half of the grocery store would have to be freezers and refrigerated rooms to keep all that food fresh if they were getting one shipment every week. But they aren’t just getting shipments of things every week, they are getting shipments every day, small shipments just enough stock to keep them going for three days and after that, no more groceries.

I sincerely worry about people who have an emergency garden kit that comes in a nuclear resistant can (slight exaggeration) that promises that you can grow an entire garden for a year’s worth of food and all you have to do is store it in a cool dry place. I’m sorry to break it to you; your ‘can’ isn’t going to save you but C.A.N. will. What?! Let me explain C.A.N. Calm Action to save a Nation. What does that mean? It means you need to have skills. Let me expand my thoughts. You need to have a cool head and an inner peace to deal with circumstances that would make your natural human nature tremble in fear. That covers calm. Action means knowing the skills necessary to live in a variety of circumstances and being able to perform those skills to make survival possible. To save a nation. Hmm. Well, call me a dreamer. My hope is that enough people will wake up, stand up, and make a stink enough about certain global and government entities — entities that are doing things behind our backs to get rich and laugh and play their lyres while they watch Rome burn. My hope for America is that people will wake up.

Ultimately, my hope is in God. But I don’t think it hurts to know how to garden.


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