No City Lights for Me.

Here is an article I wrote when I was a teenager documenting my journey to becoming a farm girl. The experience I have written down below happened when I had just turned sixteen. Enjoy!

One day some friends and I and my youth group leader went to the Big City for a missions conference. After we had been at the conference for some time, we decided to go out and get a bite to eat before the ending worship service. When we got outside it was dark and rather exciting to be walking along the sidewalk of a big city at night looking for a place to eat. But as I looked up at the sky above the tall buildings, I realized with some anxiety that there appeared to be no stars. Of course I knew that there were still stars and that the city lights were so bright that you could not see the gentler light of the stars, but still it was rather disconcerting. Later that night as I went to sleep at a friend’s house in the suburbs next to the Big City, I thought about the fact that you couldn’t see any stars. Deep in my heart I started to miss my farm and my family. Right then is when I think the stirrings of realizing I was a real farm girl started to come to the surface. I decided that unless God asked me to live in a big city, that I wouldn’t choose that lifestyle for myself.

Later when an older friend who was out of high school mentioned to me that they were thinking of moving to that same Big City that I had visited, I told them about my experience with the stars. They didn’t move there. I don’t think it was because of my experience that I told them about, more than likely it was their personal decision. Nevertheless, they didn’t move there as far as I know. *Wink.* 😉


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