This week I was researching if I should add dairy goats to our farm or not and if there was any local interest in them as I want to sell breeding stock. As I was researching I found very little helpful information and I became frustrated. While I was thinking and researching, a bolt of truth hit me: you can have statistics, advice, books, and seminars on a product that you want to produce or your dream business and how to start it up, but if you don’t have a little faith and take a risk that you may fail, you will neither gain experience nor depth in character. You will simply be afraid. If there is a breed of animal that you absolutely love, you should raise what you are passionate about. For example, I love Shetland sheep. Many people have made disparaging comments about them (sheep are not looked on favorably in my area, neither are horses, beef cattle are more popular), but in spite of the comments I love my sheep because they are a heritage breed and because they have very sweet and friendly personalities- they love to be petted and loved on. 🙂

That is why I farm, because I love it. Because every morning I wake up and feel so blessed and thankful to have, in my opinion, one of the best jobs in the world. So I encourage you to do what you love, if you love pygmy goats, or Peking ducks, or you love growing plants, or even just being creative, just do it, you will feel so much more satisfied in your soul.

Have a lovely week!


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